5 Simple Ways To Prevent Fire Accidents at Home

One of the most crucial things that everyone must take into account is fire prevention. House owners should find out ways to prevent tragedies that can arise from a fire. With the rising cases of fire in Singapore, one must practice prevention before cure. Fire can be hazardous, given that it can swallow up whatever that it stumbles upon.

FireStore Team is here to list out several simple methods to prevent fire mishaps just for Singaporean homeowners.

1. Read the manuals of your home appliances

Whenever you bring any new electrical appliance into your home, go through the manual carefully. Nowadays, the majority of the devices come with safety functions. You ought to make sure that there are no flammable objects, such as wood, paper, drapes or carpets near electrical appliances. Just be cautious to not overloaded sockets as they can easily cause fires due to overheating.

2. Store flammable products independently

You should designate a different storage area for your flammable items, so that your home stays safe, just in case the flammable liquids reacts and starts a fire. Likewise, do not keep products such as papers or rags with combustible items, due to the fact that they can fire up and begin a fire.

3. Be a responsible cigarette smoker

There are numerous instances where reckless smoking habits have caused fires. One common example is when a cigarette smoker sloppily tosses a cigarette near a combustible item. Other negligent examples consist of when a cigarette smoker falls asleep with a lighted ciggy on their hand or cannot snuff the cigarette out completely.

4. Always look out for open flames

It’s essential that you check your cooking range and candles. Constantly blowout lighted candles prior to leaving the room. Likewise, make particular that you care for your cooking appropriately. Another vital thing is to be aware of appliances that use heat and switch it off prior to leaving the space.

5. Educate your children

Children love to play with anything they come across. Educate them regarding the hazardous repercussions of playing with flames. Let them know the dangers of fire so that they follow instructions carefully. Create an escape plan and pick one place outside for everyone to meet.

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