7 Things You’re Doing That Could Burn Down Your House

There are so many ways you can accidentally set your house on fire. According to Fire Incident Statistics 2016, 68.5% of fire incidents occurred in residential premises, both private and public.

Here, we list out some of the common things that people do at home that may lead to a fire.

1. Walk away from something cooking in the kitchen

The kitchen is often the most fire-prone room in the house, and most occur within the first 15 minutes of cooking. 15.3% of fire comes from unattended cooking as mentioned in SCDF’s report. We all know how easy it is to step away from the stove for just one moment. Do not leave your toasters & hotplates unattended. Also, dishes that are not microwave proof, cookbooks and paper towels near naked gas flames are common causes of fires.

2. Let your electrical cords get worn out

Frayed or chewed electrical cords start many house fires. Exposed electrical wires will light your floor or rug on fire in no time. Pets often chew on electrical cords as well, causing serious fire hazards.

3. Put something flammable near something hot 

Getting anything flammable near a source of heat is a quick way to start a fire. Some dangerous examples include lamp shades that rest too close to the bulb, clothes or curtains too close to a radiator, or any flammable material close to a space heater.

4. Leave a candle unattended

Candles cause hundreds of fires every year. Even with a safe holder, candles should never be left unattended. It only takes a minute for a pet or child to knock a candle over-or just nudge it too close to flammable material.

5. Leave burning cigarettes carelessly

Cigarettes are a huge fire hazard. Smoking in bed, leaving a pipe or cigarette unattended and emptying ashtray contents before they are cold cause hundreds of fires each year.

6. Leave devices to charge unattended, especially overnight

Hearing about phones or tablets exploding or bursting into flames isn’t so uncommon. Rechargeable batteries that are left charging over long periods of time would result in overcharging. Overcharging can cause permanent damage to the battery and result in battery swelling.

Older models of rechargeable batteries are not fitted with power cut-off sensors to prevent overcharging which could lead to sparking off a fire. Such fires have the propensity to spread easily, particularly when there are combustible materials around. A battery may explode due to overcharging while you’re sleeping and set fire to your house.

7. Throwing cigarette butts or burning embers into your rubbish bin

Careless disposal of lighted materials such as cigarette butts, embers from charcoal and lighted incense sticks was the top cause of fires in Singapore. In 2016, 51.2% of fires are caused by rubbish fires.

Have you done any on the list above? Maybe by habit or by accident. Nevertheless, be aware of what you’re doing for the safety of your home. Protect your loved ones and assets by preventing the fire!

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